Where one journey ends…another begins.

Where one journey ends...another begins.

Today as of 5:30 PM Pacific Standard Time, I became OFFICIALLY unemployed…I have been working since I was about 14 1/2 (before the time where working under the age of 15 became a no no) Is it a scary thing being unemployed? Why yes, yes indeed my friends. One thing about me, I am ALWAYS prepared….ALWAYS. I am a regular freakin’ Mary Poppins if you ask me…singing also included. Anyway, the place I worked in specializes in memory care. Was it a walk in the park? Heck no! Far FAR from it, but over the course of this 3 year journey I have learned SO much about Alzheimer’s. The very idea of losing ones mind or seeing a family go through that is one that I wish upon not even my worst enemy. The lives of the people I have met both family and residents (we call them residents NOT patients) are life lessons I can take with me for the rest of my life.
The workers at any of the many SIlverado facilities have one thing in common, their love for each and every resident in the facility. We become so attached to our residents,Although they have memory impairments, we find that they become attached to us in some way or another. I left with a bittersweet heart today and honestly I can only hope that the person taking my spot will love my residents as much as I do.
The faces in this picture are not just friends I have met through my journey, but my new found type of family.
Now before you decide to jump into the field of health, whether you are a caregiver, nurse, or doctor of some sort NEVER forget this one little piece of advice I shall give you.

If you go into the health care world thinking you are going to make a TON of money starting off…wake up now. Yes, you may find yourself as one of the next leading surgeons in the Southern California area giving butt lifts or removing tumors from the rich and famous, but do not ever forget the sacrifices you have made along the journey. You are not going into the field of health to make money are you? Those that DO go into the medical field just for money, you can totally tell….it shows in their interactions with those around them. Its not about the amount in your account but the amount of people you have helped change the life of.
Working with Alzheimer’s and dementia is NEVER a dull moment. With Silverado the care we give is different compared to the other facilities I have visited. No, this isn’t an infomercial about my previous employer, but honestly its the caregivers, cooks, laundry, and nurses that make Silverado what it is. The team that I was able to be a part of is truly top notch. (Not as much now since I am not there…haha just kidding) No but seriously, with the motto “Love is greater than fear” what team wouldnt be amazing? That statement alone gets one to think about the choices you make on a day to day basis. Now having love be greater than fear is not ALWAYS the easiest choice, especially with all the sadness you see on a day to day basis….but you have to remember if your on that negative side, think of all the good you are doing. This motto does really help in day to day lives, and it will continue to help me in my life journey.
I loved working with everyone, and it truly has been a blessing. I will cherish the memories/friends/residents that have come into my life. Here is to one journey ending and another…beginning TODAY.


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