Married Life : Takes Some Getting Use To…

So its 2:16 AM and I am currently laying next to my wonderful husband in a hotel room since we have yet to find an apartment…this married thing takes some time to get use to. I thought it would be easy, I mean they make sleeping in each others arms look SO EASY in movies and television….when in all reality they forget to tell you that your arms fall asleep, you get all sweaty (that is if the person you are sleeping has the body temperature like a wolf from that Twilight movie/book…NO i am not a fan, I just remember this little tid bit of information), and when you finally do fall asleep you end up waking up because someone moves or snores or slaps you in the face with his arm….or in my case two nights ago smothered me with a pillow….I ended up having to sleep as far away from his as possible JUST IN CASE he tried smothering me again and I didnt wake up from the SMACK of the pillow on my face.Another thing they dont tell you…you either end up with ALL the covers or NONE. Its never truly in the middle with that.Speaking of middle…how is it that I always seem to find myself at the EDGE of the bed…I had to push him last night because he almost knocked me off… Oh and did I forget to mention the lovely little noises we make? No NOT THOSE types of noises…but I mean snoring, teeth grinding, sniffles of the nose…all those lovely little quips you make while you sleep that you didnt know you had until you started sleeping with someone…I will admit, I snore…WHEN I AM DEAD TIRED. I also am the type of person who is ALWAYS cold…so when I go to put my feet on his it just might make him feel like he is sleeping with a cadaver….yeah I am that cold. Its kinda cute though because he is the warmth to my cool haha. (insert cheesy AWWW here)

So for all you newly wedded folks out there…this obviously takes some time to get use tom but honestly its always a delight waking up next to your significant other and if you are like me and still feel happy despite all the snoring or sounds then looks like you made a good choice…I guess its going to have to take a few more nights/months until I get use to it but I wouldnt have it any other way…..

Good night my blogging friends sweet dreams 


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