One Bite at a Time : Las Vegas : Yellowtail, Serendipity, and Cake Boss OH MY!

One Bite at a Time : Las Vegas : Yellowtail, Serendipity, and  Cake Boss OH MY!

Viva Las Vegas! So my husband and I went on a mini road trip, on our way to our first duty station. Like all trips to Vegas, one must indulge in SOMETHING. My husband and I? Our indulgence will ALWAYS be in FOOD. We love it! We cook/bake it! So of course, rather than gambling we decide to eat our way through Vegas.
Our first stop was to the lovely Yellowtail inside the Bellagio. The numerous courses that we ate through all were delicious! From the melt in your mouth yellowtail (would you expect and less from their yellowtail if they are named after it? I didn’t think so either) to the amazing service, you get what you pay for. It is a little on the high side, but hey you are in Vegas, so spending $200 on a meal is not uncommon. You get what you pay for essentially. From the ambiance to the service everything was excellent. Would I dine here again? Of course! Can I make everything that they offered? Absolutely. Once our kitchen in our apartment is set up I shall do my best to replicate!
Next stop on our foodie trip….SERENDIPITY 3!
Serendipity for those of you who don’t know, is a renowned establishment made famous by two things, first their OPULENT SUNDAE, the $1000 sundae! Sadly, we did not get that but decided to settle on the deep fried oreo sunday and a frozen hot chocolate with coffee. Oh I ALSO got a cotton candy martini. All in all my rating for this establishment is 4 out of 5. The frozen hot chocolate which they pride themselves in, is nothing special, despite them saying its made with SEVEN different types of chocolate I can honestly tell you, you wont be able to distinguish which is which (and if you can then i tip my hat off to you and believe you should be a food critic or teach me in your ways!) I am going to try and make this said concoction and give you all the recipe. YOU’RE WELCOME…in advance. The deep fried oreo sundae was TOO RICH and sweet for my taste…which should tell you something since I LOVE SWEETS. The oreos were a nice contrast to the overbearing sweetness of the sundae.
Our last stop on this delectable food journey was to the FAMOUS CARLOS BAKERY FROM CAKE BOSS. Apparently they made one here in Vegas! WOOT WOOT! Once I heard that Carlos had made a bakery I HAD to come and try it. It was pretty crowded, but that is to be expected. The wait wasn’t as bad as it could have been . I ended up buying some biscotti, california cheesecake ( I miss cali already), some nuttella filled butter cookies, canoli, and some macaroons. Overall rating 3 out of five. Some things just tasted too store bought and somehow the canoli let me down. The cheesecake was delicious though. The macaroons, nothing I cant make myself. Overall I was just excited to say,” Yeah I’ve tried Carlos Bakery”
So of course after all that food the husband HAD to have a yard long margarita because as he put it, “Where else can you walk around with a GIANT alcoholic beverage and NOT look like you have a drinking problem…” He DOES have a point.
All in all, Vegas is Vegas, the land of the seven deadly sins. Ours on this trip? GLUTTONY….definitely gluttony.


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