Whats On the Tele Today: Secret Sex Lives

Sexual relationships with cars, latex love, and “real dolls”  oh my! Secret sex lives was on today, and for those who know me, this was QUITE interesting! I am a future psychologist so listening to these people and their interesting fetishes really got me thinking….HOW ON EARTH….then looking back at their past it kind of hit me….OH OF COURSE !!! DUH. 

Whats the weirdest fetish that you have heard of? 

There was this one about “Real dolls” which are dolls LIFE SIZED dolls…so naturally, being the curious person I am.. I LOOKED IT up! now, I know I peaked your interest! so THIS is the website! https://secure.realdoll.com/ First and foremost my initial thought was “
WOW some actually do look like they are real! Next thing…HOLY HELL!!! 6 grand?!?!?!?!? WOW was all I could say.Six grand on a doll…..a life size….doll…not only do they come in female but MALE!!! geez talk about fetishes…

Everyone has their own thing….I guess these things just arent mine and I have a LOT to learn psychologically about these things. I love the human mind….totally nerding out right now. 

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