Happily Married Life : Finding a New Home and My Favorite Part…DECORATING!!!

WE DID IT! WE GOT IT! My husband and I are OFFICIALLY leasing an apartment! We are doing it! Living our married life together! 

So…for those of you who DONT know, my husband and I moved from our lovely state of California to the midwest. We recently got married on April 1st! (No joke!) and on the 27th hopped into my truck and moved. We have NEVER lived together and up until just recently, have had a long distance relationship for most of our three years of being together. Now, for some of you reading this you MUST think we did this all very traditionally. Well,  you are pretty much right, there were only a few things we DIDN’T do traditionally *insert Joey Tribiani’s wink or “Grandmas potato salad” here* (KUDOS IF YOU UNDERSTOOD THAT REFERENCE!) Its nice though, to do things a bit traditionally. The cheesy moving away from everyone due to husbands job? Yeah…SO STEREOTYPICAL on my part. The only thing that I WONT ALLOW is the fact that I am not going to be a stay at home trophy wife (although I know I can totally pull off that stay at home occupation…complete with pearls and pin up dress) I respect those women who CAN stay at home and raise kids and stuff like that, but for me I would go bat shit insane. I LOVE to work. 

So we got a call today from the place that we were looking at yesterday. It was our first choice, for me, it was my first choice when I was looking at places in Cali. So when we got the call this morning at 10:30, I was ECSTATIC to learn that we could put a deposit down, have them change the locks and sign papers tomorrow! So by this Friday, hopefully, my husband and I will have our VERY FIRST PLACE TOGETHER! Now for those of you have already traveled this journey, I want to hear the down right good, bad, and ugly. I already know that we will have to get use to each other’s idiosyncrasies, but any other advice for the newly weds?

Side note *: My husband is amazing…he is currently ironing my dress to wear tomorrow…I cant for some curse that has befallen upon me, iron. I create more wrinkles than remove them…

Back to our show: So now that we have our own place for the next few years, we headed to our local SUPER TARGET! Geez everything here seems to be supersized. We finally came to a happy middle with colors and decorations. THANK GOD!  http://www.pinterest.com/pin/44473115040504011/ This is what we want our bathroom to look like 

 http://www.pinterest.com/pin/509047564101633044/ This is the color scheme that we want the guest bedroom to look like

http://www.pinterest.com/pin/262475484506527095/ This is the color scheme we want the master bedroom to look like

Now…the kitchen, living room and dining is the one we are not sure of yet. The cabinets in the kitchen are a light brown so we were thinking a nautical theme or a MODERN country….aka modern with a SPLASH of country is what Ali calls it. hehe 

Oh and did I mention I am adding a HUGE SPLASH OF DISNEY HERE AND THERE? I am thinking in the guest bedroom placing a disney character plushie like rabbit and eeyore, something with the yellow and grey theme. Call me crazy… I love Disney.;.its in my blood and always will be. 

So all this is FINALLY taking a tole on the husband and here I am, cool as a clam excited to finally get our own place and decorate haha. Just dont remind me that I am still waiting for people to call me for an interview, let me be involved and in love with the idea that we get to decorate….little by little it will come together, and little by little I shall post pictures. 

Who would have thought that making house is a lot harder than other people make it out to be. 

Good night dear readers more to come.

XoXo – L

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