Cooking at Gualeville

So the husband and I are unpacking our lives and making sense of our two bedroom apartment. What room out of ALL the other rooms in the place is practically filled and ready for use? THE KITCHEN….Now, for those of you who know me and the better half, yup, its pretty obvi why that was the first place that was full….WE LOVE TO COOK! Tonight wasn’t any different. I made my famous bruschetta pasta! Image It usually contains chicken, but the hubby loves sausage in pasta so instead of adding chicken it was sausage! So, to make this yummy pasta you need the following

Pasta noodles – any type that rocks your boat or tickles your fancy



Roma tomatoes

Garlic- LOTS of it! So, here is the thing, we LOVE garlic, so for some recipes that only say two cloves we add six….so adjust the garlic according to your personal taste

Olive oil

Onion- i only used a quarter onion this time, why i have no idea

This is a fairly simple recipe, chop all the ingredients saute them all together in the pan with olive oil, make the pasta until its al dente, toss together with “sauce” of roma tomato, basil, garlic etc. and VOILA! You are done! Oh you might want to add salt and pepper to taste. Eat with a side of garlic bread and Parmesan cheese and your dandy! Taste delicious, looks delicious,and SUPER fast for those busy families on the go…like me.  

Bonna Note everyone! 


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