Cooking at Gualeville: I LOVE chorizo!!

Ah! My favorite sausage! So my best fried (I dont now how to tag you so I am sorry) Justina asked me whether or not you could substitute chorizo instead of the italian sausage I used for my dish…HECK YEAH YOU CAN WOMAN! I love this delicious sausage in ALL its forms….hence why we have FIVE yup yup FIVE chorizo sausages in our fridge currently…no lie….and you know who else loves it just as much as I do? My husband…brb….the hubsters made dinner…*insert loooong entertainment music here* I’m BACK! Well, now that my stomach is quite full and the hubsters is playing video games back to the wonderful spicy delight of a sausage we call chorizo! As I said, there are different types of chorizo, but all are AMAZING! SMokey, spicy, crispy, smooshy. The thing I love about this sausage is the fact that it is versatile! You can use it any dish and it adds a special zing to meals. So thereyou have it folks! my lil schpeal on this wonderful sausage! oh and yes Justina….you can use your chorizo for the recipe lol 


Xoxo – L

One thought on “Cooking at Gualeville: I LOVE chorizo!!

  1. I get my own blog post! I feel so special 🙂 haha, yeah I totally used it. I did evoo, chorizo, and some orange peppers w/spaghetti noodles. It was delish! I didn’t even get a picture because I was too busy eating. You highlight my name with your mouse and then you click the link box (it should be next to the bold and italic icons when you write the post) and then type in my blog address in the URL line and click add link.

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