Babysitting, Kinda Makes You Second Guess Having Kids…..

Ok, so as you all know, I am new to the area. I applied to a dozen or so places only to have to wait 3-4 weeks (said on application) for a notification back….so in the meantime I decided to start babysitting. It has been a while since I baby sat, but its natural motherly instinct (minus being a mother). You find yourself caring for the child as if they were your own…EXCEPT they aren’t so with them not being your child, comes the realization you can’t discipline them as you would your own kids…..but geez you would think their parents would once you told them right?WRONG! 

 I am currently watching over two children, a four week old and a three year old. This 3 year old bites, scratches, hits, throws temper tantrums, and lord what have you! Not to mention the horrendous fact that she watches television more hours of the day than the average teenager does…..simply turn off the television you say? How long can you stand the high pitch screaming of a little girl? All day? Go ahead! I DARE YOU. She knows where the candy cupboard is and constantly asks for it….

I love kids dont get me wrong….but this kid really pushes…I just have to put my teacher mode in….Lord give me strength.

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