Taste of Omaha

Maybe my expectations were too high…maybe I am just a picky foodie…or MAYBE JUST maybe going to this event truly opened my eyes that I am NOT in So Cal anymore, where there is an abundance of AMAZING FOOD and so many options and possibilities of finding hidden gems…How the day went..

So I was listening to the radio about “Taste of Omaha” and how its going to be AMAZING and SO MUCH GREAT FOOD, with live music and shows and AWESOME EVENTS! So listening about how foodies come to this event to sample amazing food, I HAD to tell the hubsters, I mean, we ARE foodies, and WE LOVE great food…so why good to this event? So as I am heading to my babysitting gig, I make a mental note to text him about it, since we had no idea what we were cooking for dinner this evening.

Get to the babysitting gig and as she is watching (yet AGAIN) The Little Engine That Could (with an all star cast mind you, loved Whoopie Goldberg as the water tower) I text him about Taste of Omaha. He sends me a text right at the same time about it! hahaha this husband and wife mind meld is kinda cool. Turns out some chatty Carl was telling him about it and he thought we should go too!

So its settled, were going to Taste of Omaha!!! woo hooo! 

Get home, get ready, head to the event….

its HUMID…ew. No worries as the night comes it should get better. BRING ON THE FOOD

We get there and notice that you have to purchase tickets to buy food….ok so we buy $40 worth of tickets and head to the booths

Our first pick? Thai food! MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE THING TO EAT….we get a bowl of pad thai from this place called TASTE OF ASIA along with some fried rice…..7.50 is the approximate cost if converted from tickets to dollars…i would FOR SURE NOT PAY THAT for what we ended up eating…the noodles were disgusting lacked any sort of flavor, were not fresh AT ALL. We ended up getting a bowl of meat balls because the flavor was just lacking. I wanted to THROW IT AWAY but my husband paid for the tickets and we hate wasting food. So….this place gets no stars SO FAR and I will give them A SECOND CHANCE when I get to eat at their actual restaurant…I mean yeah I get it, you dont have your kitchen with you so you made it in advance, but geez its called a portable stove.

Second, we went to a place to grab a smoothie. I forget the name but they are damn lucky I forgot it because it was DISGUSTING. it was WATER and strawberries….ok so at this point being the foodie I am I am at the point of quitting and heading home to cook a damn meal and smoothies, bring it to these idiots who obviously cant set up a proper booth and show them up. But I digress…..

We grab a bite at a little place called counterfeit catering, ok the name intrigued me…turns out these people take recipes they love and share it with the world through their catering business…I had the blackened salmon tostada…ok so maybe its a So cal Mexican restaurant thing or what but here I am thinking its on AN ACTUAL TOSTADA….right? I mean hey, it says it right there….WRONG. It comes on a cracker….it might be a home made itsy bitsy tiny winy tostada to them but call it like it is….a cracker…or but the word itsy bitsy tiny winy tostada so we know its a flipping appetizer…and not have me think its an actual delicious tostada  with blackened salmon…so yes I was VERY disappointed when it came out…oh and my husband got their mini ruben roll….which was also disappointing….because IT WAS AN EGGROLL…..not a mini baguette oh no…it was eggroll…..ON A SIDE NOTE the food was deliicious at this point because of all the other disappointing things before it…we actually liked it…but they need to learn lingo and food terms…..because misrepresentation in the food world does not bring in customers…it loses them.

So we walk around and there is this CHOBANI truck…I drag my husband over since I am hungry and the hubsters goes “yogurt?!” heck yes yogurt! The best part? IT WAS FREE!!! A FULL SIZED CHOBANI OF YOUR CHOICE FOR FREE!!!!!Delicious! That was the highlight of the night so far. Sad right? That my Chobani Greek Yogurt was the best thing at this FOODIE claimed event…..

So we walk around and the entertainment was lame….I mean its the type of entertainment you see at freaking Venice beach with their weird hoops and twirling batons….the music wasnt that bad though so kudos to the tribute bands. 

Next we cross the bridge to part two….

Grab a lamb wrap from HALAL Grill which smelled delicious until I bit into the lamb….now here is the thing…I had REALLLY good lamb…one where that earthy hair flavor is removed by magic with special cooking techniques I have yet to perfect and respect those who have perfected it….my mother is one person who can remove that disgusting after taste of earthy goat hair or lamb hair off the meat and makes it taste delicious.Another place is a breakfast place in Claremont that has AMAZING lamb breakfast burritos. Anyway I digress AGAIN. So my husband grabs a lamb wrap and it smells and looks delicious two out of three right? yeah when I ate it it had that disgusting earthy hair lamb flavor I nearly puked….but their chicken looked delicious so I have to go back and try it out. Hey you caught our attention Halal so that is a big thing. 

So to get the taste out of my mouth I needed something FAST, we passed by this BBQ booth called GQ BBQ which I laughed at because as we all know…GQ is a famous fashion magazine…..I laughed at it when I passed it…but good lord GQ saved my taste buds. The bbq pulled pork was delicious…the fries that came with it were yummy but just the typical fries you would find at a joint. But the bbq…..now…that I will for sure be eating again to make sure it just wasnt me being hungry and disappointed from all the other places. Oh and to top the food night off we had sweet roasted corn….delicious. 

All in all the night was a huge disappointment…maybe I will ask my husband if we can go back to try the rest of the stuff and see if there are any hidden gems in Omaha….but so far the places we have found on our own are better than whatever they freakin had at the Taste of Omaha.

This foodie will continue her quest to find delicious places…and I am more determined than ever.

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