Fortune Cookie

So the husband and I had take out tonight since I got home rather late. So sushi/Chinese it was. The sushi was eh but what can you expect on last minute circumstances…anyway I digress. The fortune cookies that happen to come with our sushi were quite interesting. So the hubsters hands me his fortune (see […]

Hubsters: Honey…

Hubsters: Honey, how do you say sugar daddy in Spanish Me: Huh why?! Hubsters: Leche Papi? Papi leche? Me: DID YOU JUST SAY LECHE PAPI?!??!!?*rolling on bed laughing* Hubsters: wait..thats milk….sugar? azucar? Right? Dulce? No, dulce is sweet Me: *still laughing* yeah honey azucar is spanish for sugar Hubsters: Azucar Papi? Papi Azucar? Dulce Papi? […]