TLC from my best friends

So been little under the weather recently. I don’t know if its the move and the lack of contact with people or the fact that I have a slight cold, but I have been extra sensitive and actually cried a few times. *insert sad violin music here* But let me tell you, it’s like my girlfriends can feel my feelings or something because not only did I get a postcard from France BUT I ALSO got a wonderful care package from another one of my best friends. It makes me feel so wonderful knowing that it doesn’tt matter how far away I am, that it doesnt affect our relationship. I love my girls and miss them like crazy. The awesome news is that one of them might be visiting this coming September! Woot woot! I wonder what trouble we will get ourselves into???OOO and what food are we going to try?!?!?! Sigh…. Hurry up September! I know what ice cream place were going to !!!! Hopefully there is a field that has corn or something where shes here. haha. 


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