So I got pulled over by a cop…..

So my husband picks me up from my baby sitting job. He likes to drop me off when time allows him to, *insert AWWWWWWW how SWEET!!!!* Its nice to have a man who cares about me…anyway I digress since this is about what happened AFTER he picked me up. So, he picked me up and while we were headed out on the highway a cop pulled us over….WTHECK?!Ok, we weren’t speeding…sooo…what? So the officer comes over and asks for our Identification and insurance, you all know the drill. Then she starts asking us where we were coming from, but says the street name…and knows that I was there last night as well….She starts asking me what time I got off last night and to give the name and address of people I baby sat for in the area. So obviously something has been happening in the area right? So it turns out someone called in my truck as “suspicious” since it has California plates….and there have been some vehicular break ins.So this is where I say SUUURREEE BLAME THE CALIFORNIAN! I get it, you see a licence plate that doesnt belong and you are initially concerned. But its kinda funny that it would be a CALIFORNIAN that had to get pulled over because your cars are being broken into….so all in all they got our address our telephone numbers and tried to make it sound like people were just being concerned. Yeah ok. I hope they catch the person who has ben breaking into cars and when they find out its a NEBRASKA plate I would love to get an apology. Just because I am from  California does not mean I am from Compton. Whasts even funnier? I had a Hello Kitty shirt on with a Union Jack for the bow….yeah….totally HARDCORE gangster right here *INSERT MAJOR SARCASM HERE* 


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