Hubsters: Honey…

Hubsters: Honey, how do you say sugar daddy in Spanish
Me: Huh why?!
Hubsters: Leche Papi? Papi leche?
Me: DID YOU JUST SAY LECHE PAPI?!??!!?*rolling on bed laughing*
Hubsters: wait..thats milk….sugar? azucar? Right? Dulce? No, dulce is sweet
Me: *still laughing* yeah honey azucar is spanish for sugar
Hubsters: Azucar Papi? Papi Azucar? Dulce Papi? Papi Dulce?
Me: It will FOREVER be Lechi Papi…YOU are my leche papi hahahahaha

My husband does not speak Spanish…I speak Spanish quite fluently. This is one conversation that will forever be remembered each time he asks how to say something in Spanish.


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