Crocheting Like a Mad Woman

So, I crochet. I have been doing it for about two years now and I love it! I learned at my previous job and its a way for me to vent and relax. I have currently been crocheting scarves for the up coming winter season…yes I am MONTHS In advance but hey Santa’s business is year round makin all those toys, so why not? I want to sell them and also make enough for the homeless or those in need in my area, since we are currently residing in the FIFTH coldest state. I think a bunch of people here would totally need them! I also make custom made scarves ( I made a bacon and egg scarf for a friend and a hello kitty one for another)if you need one or you know someone who would love one, let me know! Colors can be customized. 

I currently have enough yarn to crochet for a small army….haha. 

I am currently working on one with pockets!!! thats right pockets! for your mobile devices (patent pending rnr) 

Gosh….I feel like an old lady…


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