So after about a month of looking for a job I FINALLY HAVE ONE!!!Ok, so I have been babysitting literally a WEEK after I got to Nebraska but this is different…its an ACTUAL job. Ok, ok babysitting is an actual job as well but this is something more along the lines of my field. I get to be a family partner, working with families and children to get their lives back on track, and I couldn’t be more excited. So, my drug test cleared today. I mean seriously I peed in a high tech cup…it read it while I watched! Not too high tech, but super awesome to know that part was done and over with.
Now, all we have to wait for is my background check to come back clean and I start training on August 4th! I was suppose to start training next Monday, however, due to me JUST moving here it will take a few weeks to get my information.
I have been feeling super depressed lately about not having a full time job, so this came at the right time.
Jenny, the lady that interviewed me offered me the position on the spot! She said she has never done that before and found that passing me up would be a complete mistake!
I truly am excited to start helping families and changing lives one at a time.
Another reason I am excited? I get my own cubicle do get my work done! Yeah, cubicle big deal, I just can’t wait to DECORATE IT!!!! Pinterest here I come!


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