New Addition to the family

Meet Kikoman aka Kiko, the new addition to our family! So we had two choices…have a baby or get a dog….we chose the latter. We went to the Nebraska Humane Society. I have been to a few places here looking for a dog and I didnt think that we would find one…until today. Kiko is a beagle pointer mix. She is our official baby until I actually get pregnant. She has made a fine adjustment. Shes a fast learner and we have already gotten her use to her new name (her name was Lyla) ANNNDDDD shes already learning not to go into the kitchen.
We have to potty train her still Ali already cleaned up one of her messes hehe. She doesn’t bark too much and shes attached to Ali! Its so cute! She gets up and follows either of us.
Our family is truly growing! So excited to see what else God has in store for us!

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