Dreaming of WHO?!?!?

So, I for the past week I have been dreaming about men I have previously dated….oh first before everyone goes ooooo its DATING NOT synonymous for SEX….its weird how culture now a days seem to think dating means sex….where are your values ladies and gents to go thinking that? *Ahem…I digress*

Anyway, yes, I have been dreaming of men I have dated….weird, I know. Last night I had TWO separate dreams of TWO different men. The night before? A man by the name of Anthony *name has been changed to protect the anonymity of my infamous guy, best friends you know who he is…my kryptonite*

I am the future psychologist so I should go all FREUD on this with the dream interpretation right? (ok yes so cliche to use Freud…but eh)
So intotal over this week I have dreamed about 8 guys….7 guys actually my husband was in my second half of my dream last night…but someone else was in it in the beginning…
This is SOO weird! I mean one of them was someone I had A MAJOR crush on at my job at my job BEFORE the Alzheimers place…FINALLY he asks me out and I am walking on air….but sadly it was just the wrong timing for everything with him and although he would have made an AMAZING boyfriend because he is an AMAZING man (cant get his back tat out of my head…swoon….AHEM) but I am happy to hear that he is doing quite well with a teacher? or something along the lines of that…
My Kryptonite guy…aka Anthony…I had a dream I was with him and his family and suddenly for some odd reason he wanted to GET MARRIED….I spent what seemed to be weeks with him and getting to know his WHOLE family it was weird…like a dream within a dream and it felt SO REAL.
Another guy wanted to start a relationship with me AGAIN and when I told him I was married he was so hurt..it was weird. I ended up hugging him and telling him I was sorry but that one day another woman would come and treat him how I couldnt treat him in the beginning….role reverse?
All in all throughout all these dreams…one person was brought up…my husband. No matter how many dreams I have of other guys or what happens he is literally always on my mind consciously and subconsciously…so I guess I made the right decision to marry him then right?
Its been 100 days into the marriage and I know, we are still new to all of this, but there has not been one day where I regret marry him. I thank God every single day for him and for me to ask how I got so lucky means that it truly was meant to be. He has been nothing but patient with me and we have been through so much that I know its nothing but good things in our future.
I dont mind having the dreams of the other guys because lets face it we are human after all and the guys in my life were pretty sexy..but no one will ever compare to the man I married, and THAT is a fact.


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