A Spoonfull of Laughter

I think its important in a marriage to laugh. Thankfully, my husband is a goof. He has faces or things that he does that make me laugh…for instance, when I get mad at him or frustrated he has this laugh and look he normally does with it as if to say “YOU MARRIED ME!!!” his eyes get big, he gets a goofy grin, and its just….priceless. Or when I go up and hug him from behind during our time at the grocery store he starts shakin his flat butt…..which makes me laugh super hard….EVERY TIME. You would think that it wouldnt…something so simple….but it does. There are so many things that makes me laugh with him, but in the end its just important to laugh in a marriage. It eases tension, it makes life interesting, and honestly in a day filled with stress from everyday things….its nice to know that your significant other can remove all of that with a goofy comment or a look on their face or gesture that just can take it all away. At the end of the day if your significant other cant destress you then I really hope you at least get a massage because to me, laughter is the best medicine.

One of his MANY goofy faces

One of his MANY goofy faces

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