Mustache Bash

So I decided to throw a mustache bash for my husbands birthday this past weekend.10590489_10204407159641794_5200634966919017630_n It went pretty well if I do say so myself..was I exhausted? HECK YEAH! For those of you who know me, I love to cook! I made pancit, thai peanut sauce noodles, husband wrapped egg rolls the night before and our lovely friend helped fry them up the next day. I made his a mustache shaped cake, cupcakes (made with my white care recipe) guac with quesadillas, husband made burgers and hot dogs….and I think thats it? Well, it went great! People loved the food and now….its time to plan for the next party!!!! MONSTER MASH!!!!! *insert evil cackle here* I am soo excited! I have to get started because lets face it, I have been a big scardy cat, but now that we have our own place…it would be fun to do! 

I got the hubsters random mustache themed gifts, played a mustache game, and even decorated the area with mustache themed ceiling hangs and a mustache shaped rug! All in all the guests even had a great time wearing the fake sticker fuzzy mustaches that I got! 

Happy birthday to my loving husband  I am so happy to spend this one with you! and I cant wait for many more to come! 


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