So, looks like I will be the sole person in this marriage to do EVERYTHING IN THE HOUSE…..its not enough that I have work seven days a week…but on top of that things in the house, grocery shopping, cleaning, cooking, providing sex and God knows what else…because it just doesnt seem to CLICK in my husbands head that HE IS PART of this relationship….I am tired of bitching and complaining and sounding like a nagging wife because in all honesty if he just WASHED THE DAMN dishes or put the load of laundry I asked him to in the machine…..not TWO DAYS LATER, BUT ACTUALLY THE DAY I ASK HIM TOO because I am so busy working and doing other things….maybe I am just asking too much? I LOVE how he can watch television, play his DAMN video games, and DO ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ELSE. i HAVE TO GET MAD for him to do anything… If this is how its going to be from now on…..I cant. I work seven days….am I a workaholic? YES, but if I can still find time to freakin do laundry throughout the bloody week then by jove he can wash dishes when he gets home from his.Maybe the whole,50 50 in a marriage is a myth? Whatever. I am just too tired to even argue anymore…is that bad? Looks like we are out of the honeymoon phase of this relationship….his ass can ride his bike to work tomorrow while I get to sleep in FOR ONCE and actually have a day that my clients canceled….speaking of that…I need to grocery shop, put dishes from the dishwasher away, fold the rest of the laundry, do my reports for work…do my reports for school…get my nails and toes done?!?!?!God I WISH!!!!! Maybe I should just take a day and say FUCK IT! Go get a massage….I need to do my once a month ME THING….and tomorrow might be the only day to do that since Tuesday I work until 1130PM did i tell him that? No because in all honesty all I want him to do is ACT like my time is worth a damn. Should I sleep in the dame room tonight or take a stand and sleep in the guest bedroom? I am just too pissed to even look at him right now….

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