Just Cant Stop Thinking….

So I work with people. Not just any people but families who are trying to get their kids back. My job is KIND of like social work. Ok, it pretty much is except we are contracted by the state and we work hand in hand with the social workers. I love my job, I really do, and I truly believe that God has placed me in this field because of my climbs with adversity, my determination to help others, and my soft spot for kids. One thing that comes with the job is the need to block yourself off from emotion. I know that sounds hard, but there are some aspects to the job that AREN’T that pretty.
To have your kids taken away from you is a BIG DEAL. Something in the home has caused security inconsistencies with their development or something in the child’s life. Do I sometimes agree with why the child was taken away? No, however, I am not the judge nor do I call the shots. I do however get the chance to see children interact with their parents. This comes to why I NEEDED to get this blog off my chest (its big enough as it is and I don’t need to be burdened with this)

I had a family whom I was supervising that I absolutely ADORED! Were they my favorite family to watch? Yeah. I only had two visits with them but I knew the moment I picked up the kids from school that they were going to be my favorites. I don’t know much about the family but from what I could see they were just in a bad situation. I go into some homes and I can CLEARLY see why the child was taken from the family, they neglect them, the parents seem to not understand what “supervision” or being a parent was all about, yes I help fix these circumstances and get them back on the right track with their families, but this particular family was doing everything in their power and STILL hitting all the rough spots. But did they give up? NO…they were SO POSITIVE. I still cant believe how positive they were given their circumstances.

Well, this husband and wife really took the terms “for better or worse” to heart because everything they have been dealing with at least they have been dealing with it together, trying to get their lives on track and their feet underneath them to get their kids back.

I can’t imagine living on the streets or in my car…but this couple had to deal with this AND keep a positive attitude throughout visitation. They did not hint to their kids or show the slightest upset. They probably had a ton of things on their mind….

I am playing this visit over and over again in my head because this case is closed for me…parents are in jail faced with felony charges…kids are in the system but at least with family. The one thing that I wish I could have done was been there from the beginning when they needed the extra hand…ugh in a way I am glad that I dont have this case anymore because emotionally I would have been too invested and I CANT have that in my line of work. Once I heard that they were in jail I honestly wanted to cry…I hope that they arent there for a long time because like I said they are good parents but just in a bad situation.

Have you ever been in a situation where you know that you could have made a difference if you were to say something to a particular person in a time they needed it the most? Ugh I honestly cant stop thinking about the kids….

Prayer: Dear Lord, you know the family that I am talking about. Please bless them and give them guidance during this hard time. I know that you put people in situations for a reason and trials in life…please help them on to a path that will help them. Show them the way and guide them please because I couldn’t do it. I am sorry for not being able to extend that hand to them. I know if I did I probably would have lost my job. Please help them in their situation because I could not. Guide the kids and help them grow each into their own stable individual. I know with your blessing and guidance they will be able to thrive and leave this negative behind them. In your heavenly name… AMEN

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