If people actually heard him….

We would be in trouble…haha. Oh count on my hubsters to say something that might be interpreted wrong to straying ears. For EXAMPLE!


Me: So its going to get pretty cold here….we might want to get Kikko something to keep her warm

H: yeah like those! *points to poofy jackets for dogs*

M: Yeah thats perfect actually!

H: Yeah! Just put that on her with some UGGS and she will look like a white girl!

M: What did you just say?!

H: You know, like white girls during winter…with the boots and the puffy jackets and scarves…

M: Yeah i know what you mean but geez if someone else heard you it would sound sooo wrong….

I know my husband doesnt mean ANY ill will towards anyone its just so funny when he says stuff like this since it catches me off guard.

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