Happy New Year Lovlies!

So Happy New Year to all my Lovelies out there! I hope it went well for you all. As for us in Gualleville, we fell asleep at 10:30 like a couple of old people. I ended up waking up at 11:30PM about to wake the hubsters, but I ended up rolling over AGAIN and konking out….so this is what it has turned into….sigh. Anyway the earlier evening was nice, we went to my old bar tending joint to eat with a bestie of mine. Yes, in the SHORT amount of time I have found a bestie here in the corn and beef state. She gets me and accepts me for all my craziness, as I her. Anyway I digress.

So this past year has had some GIANT changes for yours truly, engagement, marriage, major move to a state where we know absolutely NO ONE, a new career, and a furry four legged baby. To top it all off this all happened within seven months. GEEZ you might be saying to yourself. Yeah I couldn’t believe it was happening either, but it did and I am stronger for it.

This COMING year also has some pretty big changes in it. I am planning two weddings (I play a role in both, one being a destination wedding to top it off), my husband and I are celebrating our FIRST wedding anniversary (its PAPER this year so we will accept nothing but checks our actual cash please *insert sarcasm here if you already dont know I am being sarcastic*) and finally we might have ANOTHER major move…oh and grad school, I am looking, as I have said before, but this time I mean business, but none of this might at all happen because its essentially not our plan but HIS plan for us for the new year, right? I just pray that it will be a good one like last year was for us, despite all the changes. I look back at last year and keep thinking to myself “How was I SOOO blessed last year?” I can’t thank God enough for such a great year last year and whatever this year brings I will be thanking him still.

What I wish for you all is a prosperous new year and hopefully more blogs from yours truly to be lighting up your life on a daily note. *also I will TRY and write daily, since my schedule has been rather HECTIC lately* Apologies in advance if I break this.

My New Years Resolutions for 2015
1. Lose a bit of weight *i know I know…everyone says that at the start of the year…if you know me, if I say it I mean it. I lost 30lbs for the wedding in less than three months! and I can do it again this time without the need to fit into my wedding gown, I love my body but I just feel its safe to say everyone needs to lose weight at the start of the year due to all those cakes and treats over the holidays, plus, I am going to Puerto Rico…i need to look pretty right?*

2. Read more books: I want to read at least 1 a MONTH… I know that does not seem much to avid readers, hell, I was once and avid reader myself, but thanks to time and my hectic schedule I have found it harder to keep this one. I am currently “reading” Game of Thrones Book 1. My husband said its a good idea to get Audibles for my reading, which was the BEST idea he could have suggested! (I love my hubby, why I didnt get Audibles before, beats me, well I have it now so thats all that matters) So a book a month two if I can muster it, and 3 books, well then I have WAY too much time on my hands now dont I ?

3. Save. Now My husband and I live quite comfortably, by the grace of God and I believe we should be saving. We didnt really save too much last year, and I strongly believe we need to. So this year I am putting money in savings and I REALLY wont touch it.

So those are my three, I have others but they arent dyer. What are yours?

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