So, I was at the public library this past Wednesday with a client when we were wrapping up visit and this guy comes up to me as I get up and the following conversation happens:

*Me getting up*

Guy: You must be Hawaiian cuz you look all EXXXoootic *waves his hand in front of me like he is washing a window* and stuff

Me: *turns and looks behind me* me?

Guy: yeah you!

Me : uhh yeah I guess you can say I’m an Islander….

I continue to walk with my client a little quicker than normal trying to make our way to the exit

Guy: Hey ma, you got a car?

Me: yeah…..why

Guy: You think you can give me a ride

Me: *Holding back rage since I am currently a working professional* Ummm I am at work right now *I notice that he glances at my wedding ring*

Guy: Aw sh!t thats a huge @$$ rock! You married ma?

Me: YUP HAPPILY MARRIED! Have a nice day!

So this creeper continues to walk with us and is STILL trying to hit on me if thats what you call getting hit on….hahahaaha. My client and I get into the elevator and my client BUSTS up laughing.



Client: Shut up that was cute

Me: He asked me IF I HAD A CAR….how stupid is that?I mean seriously….

So gentlemen word of the wise….ASKING IF I HAVE A CAR IS NOT HITTING ON ME ITS SHOWING YOU ARE JUST A SCRUB *Dont get the reference? Please watch TLC No Scrubs* https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FrLequ6dUdM Whats worse is I am PRETTY sure you guys know the type of guy this is…yes ladies one of those wanna be thugs that think its more important to look and dress nice than having an actual job. You are at a library at 2 on a weekday acting like a weirdo going up to random women…does that shit really work on women? NO.

You know how hard it was to NOT LAUGH in his face? I mean seriously…my friends would have DIED laughing because my lord they know the type of men that I had and THIS man was in no way even on the same radar as ANY of the men I have date. Yes, that DOES sound conceited but take it as you want I have HIGH standards and honestly every woman should. Men like that do not get far in life and if they honestly think for one second scoring ME is even possible…yeah keep steppin son, you ain’t even worth my time.

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