The Child in Me

Ok, so this is a CONFESSION….

I picked up some of those Gerber Yogurt Melts and those Gerber puffs for a friend’s kid…well as always I went a little overboard with buying them and I ended up buying about 5 packets/canisters. Well I gave my friends kid the banana  one when we were hanging out and I forgot to hand them the rest when it was time to leave since I left them in my car thinking,” Oh I will just give it to them when were done here because who wants to carry all that RIGHT NOW while were out?” Well, I have a hectic work sched the next day and I was getting hungry…I didnt want fast food….I am trying to eat healthier…what did my eye spy? Those Gerber snacks! FYI The yogurt melts are sooo yummy it reminds me of the frozen yogurt back home…since the “tart” flavor here is a big f*in joke. So needless to day I WILL be buying more of those Gerber bites just so I can get my yogurt fix…and with it only being a few calories I swear I can eat the whole package and note feel as guilty as I would eating NORMAL yogurt.

So, my curiosity got the best of me, and I opened the container of Gerber puffs….yeah all you mommies know what I am talking about…the little cereal puffs….sooo I tried the vanilla…those are delicious! I even had my husband try both of them….he didnt like them so much…am I just weird or have mothers ACTUALLY eaten them before? I am not even a mother yet and I am already eating their food…geez. Now I am curious to see what other people might HAVE to eat because they have had a hectic schedule like myself? I am very much surprised I was not HANGRY like those Snicker commercials…

Side Note: I wonder WHO I would turn into if I was part of those Snickers commercials??!?!? Justina do you have any idea? hahahah. You are probably reading this laughing and going “Oh GOD Lahaina!”

So there you have it folks, the child in me came out due to my schedule not being open enough for a dinner break. Talk about hectic right? haha.I wonder how long I can take before I crack….anyone wanna take bets?

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