Snow Day!!!!

So I got up this morning not even bothering to look outside….hopped in the shower and got ready to go to work…well I checked my phone and I had a message from a supervisor at work. Weird. WAIT! Please do not tell me…Please PLEASE dont tell me…I GOT UP FOR NOTHING?!?!?Well yup…I had a message saying work was canceled due to weather! So…stupid me…I go look outside….YUP. It’s canceled alright..It looks like ITS STILL SNOWING!!! ITS FEBRUARY!!!!In Cali I am usually in shorts by now…ok over exaggerating…capris. EW like I would wear capris…they make me look SHORT. ugh. Anyway I digress. It is BEAUTIFUL! Guess what!!!! I get to watch SUPERBOWL SUNDAY and ENJOY another day off!!!! yayayyya!!!!!!!Now..excuse me while I join the Hubsters back in bed…hopefully my dog will get out of my spot long enough for me to SQUISH next to them….I shall post a picture later that I took last night…apparently she is NOW starting to sleep RIGHT NEXT to his face and tries to push me as far away from him as possible…sigh….this dog.

5 thoughts on “Snow Day!!!!

  1. Great entry….I am hoping I will get to do the same thing tomorrow. We had last Tuesday off and I wouldn’t mind doing it again. The storm you have been having is supposed to get here by Midnight Eastern Time. I have some things I need to do here that I have been neglecting…:)

    • I know! I got a message from my supervisor that TODAY was also canceled! I was so excited! A 4 day off!!! woot woot! It helped me get the guest bedroom in order! haha. Where are you at? It is suppose to keep snowing here but the sun is out, so I am not quite sure just yet. I swear if I have a week off….it will be the FIRST time since SPRING BREAK in high school haha

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