100 Scarves for 100 People


Promittere. Its Latin for a promise.It is to show expression, to describe love, its a word to find strength.A few months back I was watching a TED Talk (no not that movie with the giant teddy bear), the talk is given by Alex Sheen (no relations to Charlie Sheen) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Iooz1TrCmbs Thats the link for the TED talk btw. It was about the betterment of humanity and trying to bring people back to a time where your word ACTUALLY meant something. I have decided that I am going to make #100scarvesfor100people simply #becauseisaidiwould . I filled out my card, and posted it on Facebook and here so you all know its going to happen.  This nonprofit helps you help yourself keep your promises. I want you guys to know that the scarves I am making I will be passing out, and if you need it or you see someone in need who needs it, I want you to pass it along to them. I added notes on each one stating what number their scarf was and a note on the back saying,” In times of sadness or sorrow, know that you are loved” I know I am just one person but the simple fact that I can give 100 people a scarf and a little reminder that it was made with love, I am hoping in time that people will pay it forward in return to someone else in need. I want everyone to know that I will do my best to keep everyone updated on this and I will FOR SURE be posting pictures. I have decided that my first two scarves will be donated to the Micah House in Council Bluffs Iowa. I am quite curious to see how this will take off. I hope it spreads a little joy and love to someone. Wish me luck guys!


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