93 Scarves for 93 people UPDATE

So as you can see I have 93 people left to give scarves to! WOOT WOOT! I had someone contact me to buy some for a benefit she is throwing for her aunt. I asked her about this, and turns our her aunt had a stroke and the scarves will be a raffle prize. I told this individual yes, she could buy three but that I would donate three more for the cause. It is amazing that this simple act of giving scarves away has given me the chance to meet people from different walks of life. I am truly happy that I can do something like this!

I also have someone that I will be sending scarves to in Nevada! I am SUPER excited about that! Maybe I can even send some to my friend in California and have her give them out to the people at the VA? I will text her about that tomorrow. I am just super excited about all this, I just feel kinda bad that its already going to be summer and my scarves wont be used until it starts getting cold again. Better late than never? Or can I technically say better earlier than never? hehe

I have also made up my mind that after the 100 scarves for 100 people, that I am going to do 100 beanies for 100 people next! I think I will do baby beanies first and then maybe some for those suffering through chemo.

After the beanies….maybe something for the environment? All I know is that 100 will be the number I stick with!

Sometimes I wonder if those people on the Pay it Forward page I am a part of REALLY do PAY IT FORWARD? I see so many always looking but its rare if I see them post stuff to give. Eh maybe I am just not on the page as often as others are.

Good night everyone and remember, as cheesy as it sounds, if we want to change the world we do it through one person at a time.

5 thoughts on “93 Scarves for 93 people UPDATE

  1. Hi there helping people doesn’t sound cheesy at all. that’s the way that any movement no matter how small or large begins. every action has a chain reaction its either good bad or indifferent, & I try to make mine good. Oh yes I will go to the VA and send some scarves there. This is the high desert in Nevada the weather is really weird. The homeless and downtrodden will always appreciate scarves because it does get cold in the evening when you have no roof over your head that scarf is the world. you’re really nice lady exceptional lady to do what you’re doing. I will tell everybody that I give scarves to that you made them and I’m sure that their heart will be warmed just knowing that. it’s refreshing when people care. When the world full of people who are apathetic, people who are compassionate are wonderful

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