Aveeno vs. LUSH

So I have been breaking out recently more often than I would like to admit. I mean at the age of 25 you would think that my face would a lot clearer since I am not going through puberty…but oh no….no matter what i do I just could not seem to stop breaking out. I blame my stressful job, despite me being great at it,but no matter what I did I just could not STOP from breaking out.

So popping one pimple too many I kinda got fed up. I went to my local Target to pick up some cleanser. I picked up some Aveeno facial cleanser and found out my face is pretty gosh darn sensitive….thanks for your WONDERFUL GENES MA! Anyway, I tried the Aveeno cleansing pads and OH MY GOSHNESS it BURNED my skin! It said it was for sensitive skin! LIARS! I tried it for two days and my skin was flaking off, burning, and itching! My lord! So yeah, never EVER again!

I went to the Mall of America this weekend since my mother is here to visit….more on that later! I went to Lush and bought COALFACE I had read about it and thought hmmm its all natural and I have heard great things about LUSH so I might as well give it a shot. Well I have used it TWICE AND ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! It has yet to make my skin burn and it actually leaves my skin feeling clean and gives me a nice natural glow! Oh and did I mention that I only used it TWICE! No burning no itching! ugh! I am GUSHING OVER LUSH! Turns out that LUSH is coming to Omaha!!!!WOOT WOOT!!!! So, rather than buying it online I can actually just drive over ! woot! ANNNNDDD that place that I can go to get my wonderful coalface lush products ALSO has the wonderful ART OF SHAVING store for my humbsters! woot woot! So that keeps BOTH of us happy!

I have oily skin btw. Coalface is apparently great for all skin types but mainly for those with regular to oily skin.

I have to say, Nebraska is truly growing on me.

yay for LUSH!

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