Watch Out PR I am Comin’ to Town!

I have not had a vacation since 2007. It’s OFFICIAL ! I will be going to Puerto Rico in August! woot woot! Ten whole days under the sun and most importantly of all…….THE OCEAN!!!!!!!!! I have yet to feel the wonderful squish of wet ocean sand for one full year this coming May….The first thing I will be doing once I get there is head STRAIGHT FOR THE BEACH! I wish I could get a really nice camera before the trip…hmmm maybe I will hahaha.

So I have never been to Puerto Rico, if anyone has any suggestions please let me know! I will technically be going for a wedding, but in ten days I FOR SURE will be trying the local dishes!

Ahhhhh!!!! I am SUPER excited! I have no idea if the husband will be going with me….I will be coming to Nebraska with a GORGEOUS TAN!!! AHHHH!!!!!


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