Its been a while…

It has been so long since I have even been near a computer, and to my loyal readers I am sorry about that. So much has happened over the past few months that I just could not post it into one blog. The gist of all of it? I quit my job, went back to something that I actually make a difference in, nannying. I would much rather be with kids that I can make a change in than with families that I wil never see get better. Sure there were a few that I brought home, but out of the many cases I did have, it just wasnt my kind of positive percentage.So the husband is on a “vacation” and I am here at home. Oh did I say that I moved in with some friends and that I am currently with a roommate situation. GREAT right? eh not so much. I prefer having my own place, but he thought it would be good for me and the dogs. Yes, I said DOGS….we have another addition to the family, MOCHI, my (now 4 month old) Welsh Corgi! The roommates have a hsuky and all three get along just fine. Sure, with three furbabies they can get into trouble, but its just getting them into the habit of things and establishing dominance. Kikko of course is top dog, always has and always will be.
With the hubsters gone on “vacation” things at home have been ok, been spending time with the other girls who also have husbands on vacation. The hanging out usually means shopping, drinking wine, and laughing our asses off going on a few merry adventures. Oh and decorating….decorating our bedrooms with new furniture, oh and did I mention laughing our asses off?Yeah….right off. Oh and I have lost ten pounds since hubsters has been gone…woot woot. I still have some more  to lose but its a start. Right?

Well first post done, next one on its way!


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