Canton House

Canton House

4849 N 90th St Ste 1

Omaha, NE 68134

Telephone (402) 505-9446

Went with the hubsters and his classmates to this restaurant last week to try out their dim sum. Coming from Los Angeles my expectations for a CHINESE restaurant in NEBRASKA was kinda low. So when I ended up trying this place I was pleasantly surprised that it reminded me of home and the places that I would go to with my parents. Its not the most AMAZING Chinese restaurant, but or Nebraska, its pretty darn great. This is the only place that you will find dim sum (that I am aware of thus far in my year here) if there will be any other place that serves dim sum, believe me, I will be there faster than the chefs can slice my bbq pork.

Canton on Yelp

Take a look at the link I posted, it will take you to Yelp, so you can see all the pictures of what this place has to offer.

The only down side to this place is that its HOT. The AC did not seem to be working and the heat of the kitchen made the dining area hot, by the time we were ready to leave, we were welcoming the warm air outside of the restaurant.

Of the things that we had tried (or of those I can remember) were of the following:
1. Garlic bok choy – Exactly what it sounds like, bok choy sauteed in garlic, it was yummy if you are looking for a vegetable dish, but its not something that would be considered a memorable dish.
2. Singaporean Curry Noodles- Again, exactly what it sounds like, its curry noodles. It had chicken, glass noodles, carrots, celery, and that lovely curry flavor. For those looking for a Singaporean dish this was quite yummy.
3. shrimp dumplings- nothing special, just your typical shrimp dim sum
4. Pork bao- again, nothing special its found in ALL of your typical dim sum locations, if not then WHAT THE HECK!? I expect this at any dim sum location because they are just so sticking amazing.
5. shu mai –  I love shu mai, I find this as well as the pork bao to be comfort food. Glad that we were able to order them.
6. mapu dofo ( tofu with spicy sauce)- if you like a little kick to your tofu then I suggest you order this! It is SO delicious with white rice.

7. Beijing duck- Typical way of duck being served. I wish that they had the soft bread that is normally served with Peking Duck, but hey at least I was able to eat duck and have it taste like the kind I normally get from China town.
8. bbq pork- THIS is what I remember from my childhood, BBQ PORK. Anyone can love this delectable sliced pork with rice. ANYONE.
9. sesame ball (custard filling)- I was a little bummed that it was not filled with red bean, the custard is ok but eh I was just expecting red bean.
10. Noodles with beef and black bean sauce- THIS is the dish that you measure Chinese restaurants with and for me, they did A- OK. I wish they had the black bean sauce with fish if they had that they would be seeing me more than I actually care to admit.
11. Combination fried rice – who doesnt love fried rice? Delicious not only because of all the things in the rice, but also because it was great with the bok choy and the tofu.

There you have it! The official place in Omaha to grab a bit of dim sum! Dont forget to try the specials that they only write in Chinese on the white board. Make sure to ask your host what they are.

Happy eating my fellow foodies.

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