Food For Thought – Omaha

I have decided that I would eat my way through Omaha. I have been here almost a year and a half and have noticed that Omaha is slowly becoming a “foodie” paradise, with all the new and upcoming restaurants, its only fair that tourists planning to come to Nebraska get their fill.

I will start posting pictures ( if I have any) as well as my reviews of places for those planning to visit the corn filled state. I also will post the addresses of those restaurants so you know which ones to go to, since there are a few (such as Wheatfields) that have multiple locations.

I have already made one for Wheatfields downtown as well as Canton House. I hope that everyone planning on taking a trip really takes a second look at Nebraska because its not only the place for the College world series, but a place that is up and coming for many things. It is a great place to raise families, the weather is not for everyone, (sidenote: best time to visit is Spring and Fall ) Summer has TONS of festivals mostly dealing with wine and alcohol, while Fall has festivals fun for families, which include apple picking and pumpkin patches.

Nebraska has weather to the EXTREME so what I tell my friends when coming to visit, is  pack for the unexpected. I have people bring shorts, pants,shirt, long sleeve s, shoes, as well as flip flops for Spring or Fall. For Winter, LAYERS UPON LAYERS. Summer, I have people bring shorts and anything they dont mind melting in because humidity (not as bad as the South) can be bad. Early Spring and Late Fall can be chilly.

I hope you join me on my endeavors as well  as  my journey eating through Omaha and sharing my experiences.

Happy eating!

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