Jackson Street Booksellers

Tucked inbetween a bar and Big Brain tattoo parlor you will find a hidden downtown gem. Book lovers unit at this fabulous book selling joint!

My best friend came to visit this past weekend and we stumbled upon Jackson Street Booksellers. From the outside it looks like any typical book store, however, when you walk in you can see row upon row upon ROW of books. Now, I have been to book sellers, but this place has books in the aisles (safety hazard mind you, but watch where you are going and you should be fine) I can actually get lost in ALL the wonderful books, and i would not mind one bit. My best friend Mer LOVES books, I mean, LOVES. She reminds me of Belle, amazing woman my Merbear. Anyway, this book store has used books, very old books, and even has a whole shelf of signed books. There is a signed Memoirs of a Geisha with a certificate of authenticity…..did not know signed books came with those….but HANDS OFF! ITS MINE!….once I get paid that is….ahem I digress. I bought two foodie books. While I was paying the lady at the register gave me wonderful ideas for the next books to read, I suggest talking to her because she knows her stuff.

I do suggest though that you take your time, there are tons of books, and if you take your time I am pretty sure you would be able to find a wonderful book especially for you.


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