Even When You Are Far….


I want to say one thing….I Love My Husband. We have yet to actually celebrate a birthday together since he joined the military, but he still knows how to make me feel loved from so far away.  I went on a trip with a bestie of mine when he went on deployment and I came home to this. Cupcakes in the fridge, gifts on the table, and an empty house. Being a military spouse is not as easy as many people think, there are a lot of missed anniversaries, birthdays, holidays, and we don’t even have kids yet. Its about sacrifices both good and bad. The ever growing need to hold  him, the ever growing ache and yearning to have him by your side….it doesn’t end. I am not clingy in any shape or form….but it’s the little things I miss when hes away. The kiss good morning/good night, the random cuddles on the couch, the surprise butt slap when I am cooking, you know, married stuff. I smile knowing he is doing his duty to his country.  I smile even bigger known that I have the best husband I could ever have asked for. I don’t know what I did to deserve such an amazing man, but I am so happy.

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