Funny $hit Ali Says

It’s OFFICIAL! I have started a book to keep track of all the funny things my husband says!

For those of you that DO know my husband personally , he can be randomly funny. He has these odd quirks that make people laugh…and me practically pee my pants.

For those of you that DO know me, I have a temper. I have the patience of a SAINT, but somehow my husband can find that button….well, I told him that as long as he makes me laugh…It is impossible for me to stay mad at him. Well, he obviously took this to heart because I can count on both hands how many serious fights we have had….ok maybe one hand, in the past year. I am getting better at my temper, but it is only thanks to his goofy self.

I find that laughter is the best medicine in a marriage, it brings you closer together, and allows you two to HAVE FUN.

I will try my best to put some of the fun things he says on here for your enjoyment. People always tell me how happy we always look, well now you know the secret. LAUGHTER.

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