Hello 2017!

2016 came and went all too fast! Last year brought amazing blessings to Ali and I, and we could never be more grateful. 2017 has just started and already our plans are on their way. We are moving overseas! The thrill and the excitement we have yet to face will be met with determination and an open mind.

Moving to Japan will be a new experience for both  Ali and I, but we are ecstatic!

I am nervous…the idea that a plus sized woman moving to Japan makes me nervous. I mean, yes, there is always Amazon and my online stores….but sometimes a girl just wants to shop IN an actual store. Yes, I am going to try and lose a bit of weight before we head over…but I will NEVER be skinny enough for their sizes. On the bright side, my husband bought me the sewing machine I wanted…so I guess I can practice making my own clothes….I am turning more and more into my grandmother day by day.

Another resolution I have is to become a better French pastry chef. I WILL perfect croissants by this years end….

I hope this new year brings you happiness and a drive to be all you can be. If you do not know what this year holds, take it day by day BUT MAKE IT COUNT!


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