Time to Myself

I have made it a part of my nightly routine to read alone in the room before bed. I feel that I have lost my love of reading DEEP down in the recess of my soul, and this saddens me. My love for books was with me since childhood and the fact that my “to read” pile grows larger than my “read” pile over the years bothers me more than I care to admit. Reading lifts the mood, takes me away from the hustle and bustle of the world, and allows me to just be me…my bookish, fashion, crafty, sing-song, ME. I told myself I would read or listen to at LEAST 24 books this month. 24…a minuscule number compared to my years in primary and high school. There are so many books I want to REREAD! ugh. I am going through my Goodreads account and knowing that I set a goal…just makes me want to out do myself! Thus far this month I have read three. I am almost done with two  others (despite it being books I have ought to have finished by now)…Slowly but surely I will start to make more time to read, for now, with everything going on, I am just luck enough to be able to read before bed.

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