Oh Barnes and Noble How I Love Thee

Oh Barnes and Noble how I love thee!!! Let me count the ways….I swear I can spend ours surrounded by books. OK it is not just B&N but libraries and cafe shops that are hipster enough to have libraries in them!

My “adopted” daughter turned 13 today, and other than taking her to Sephora to buy some make up “officially” (face powder and mascara) my husband and I took her to Barnes and Noble. I love my daughter. She is one of the reasons I want children. The fact that she has her own mother and father but comes to me and my husband and treats us like her parents more than her parents makes us feel special. It will be the hardest thing to do…leave her here with her biological family, but hopefully they let her come during summer! THAT would be so much fun! Evie means so much to us.

Anyway…I digress. So she bought FIVE books. She really is our daughter….more into books than other things. In a world where her imagination runs free and can take her away from the other five children in the house. It’s her refuge. I love the idea that she loves books and I hope she NEVER loses her love for them.


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