Still not Pregnant

still not pregnant┬áThis is not our child….we were babysitting. If you can remember…from my previous post a few months back….we want children…more than anything. We were watching our friends adorable child (he is 3 and a half months by the way…yes THAT IS a lot of hair). He insisted that he change his diaper and feed him….seeing this…how amazing of a man he is and what an even more amazing father he will be….made me want one more than ever. Our first born (the furbaby in the picture) Kikko’s face is PRICELESS! Kikko looks so sad….as if to say ” Oh no….the baby fever has begun!”

I just thought I would give a little update on us…how we still want children…and no…it has not happened yet. BELIEVE ME, you guys (and possibly the entire world) will know when we are pregnant….

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