Bust or Butts?

So, I have started going back to the gym with my best friend, trying to prep myself into shape before moving overseas to a country where the ideal size for a woman is a zero….Side note: I will NEVER be a zero….Anyway…This is how our conversation went with my bestie Jen

Me: Yeah, my butt is the first thing to come back when I start working out my boobs are the LAST thing to go. I lose it in my hips and everywhere else but the boobs ALWAYS are the last to go…

Jen: Thats good though right?

Me: Yeah but at least let them go down to a B! Geez….these kill my back

Ali: WAIT WHAATTT??? A B? Ummm I wasn’t informed of this….

Me: *laughing* Yeah honey I want them to go down to a B! Plus I thought you were an ASS guy?

Ali: I am…but a B? I wasn’t consulted on this. We will talk about this later


Apparently my husband does not want me to lose my boobs….who knew? haha

My husband (bless his heart) everyone. He loves me and it is moments like this that make me smile.

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