Traveling Picture Diary

So with us moving overseas in six weeks I have contemplated on writing and updating a series of blog posts about cities I have visited with and without the husband. It allows me to remember all the fun times and allows me to see how beautiful and vast this glorious world is. I would love suggestions of things to visit from various areas (bonus and mad props if you could add food places too!) Being a milso has taught me to value the places where we live and gives me the ability to adapt to my surroundings. As I embark on these next few blog posts I hope that it fuels others to travel to a city less known. There are tons of hidden gems that have yet to be discovered and I hope that where ever you may find yourself, that you feel a sense of wonder. I believe that as a species we have forgotten to accept the simplistic beauty the world has to offer. From sitting in a coffee shop downtown Sioux Falls or at the beach in La Union, Philippines, I wish safe travels to you and a sense of calm serenity.

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