Recap of 2017

Ok guys, we are 18 days into February and I just now have time to fully recollect 2017. SO much went on in the past year that I am super blessed to say it has marked some changes for this coming 2018 year. Like many other people, the health of my family will be a major factor to look at in 2018. Thus far, we have made some small changes in our lives. Switching our milk to soy and many of our meals to plant based protein. We still have turkey and chicken some nights, but thus far its either tofu or legume. Our home supper clubs are still meat, with vegetarian options of course, so more on that later posts.

Another major thing this coming year, since we are so far from family and friends I wanted to make time for what/who matters most to me…my friends and family. I will do this by writing letters and post cards to at least one person a week.

Self love this year will also be a major factor in our lives. I find that getting burnt out is a major part of stress within a relationship and I want to make sure that we (both as a couple, and individually) allow for self love and relaxation. Doing things that we find enjoyable together as well as separate allows us to maintain a sense of ourselves within a relationship.

I hope this year brings about good new changes. I just hope that thus far, we have been on a decent path….

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