Bust or Butts?

So, I have started going back to the gym with my best friend, trying to prep myself into shape before moving overseas to a country where the ideal size for a woman is a zero….Side note: I will NEVER be a zero….Anyway…This is how our conversation went with my bestie Jen

Me: Yeah, my butt is the first thing to come back when I start working out my boobs are the LAST thing to go. I lose it in my hips and everywhere else but the boobs ALWAYS are the last to go…

Jen: Thats good though right?

Me: Yeah but at least let them go down to a B! Geez….these kill my back

Ali: WAIT WHAATTT??? A B? Ummm I wasn’t informed of this….

Me: *laughing* Yeah honey I want them to go down to a B! Plus I thought you were an ASS guy?

Ali: I am…but a B? I wasn’t consulted on this. We will talk about this later


Apparently my husband does not want me to lose my boobs….who knew? haha

My husband (bless his heart) everyone. He loves me and it is moments like this that make me smile.


Still not Pregnant

still not pregnant This is not our child….we were babysitting. If you can remember…from my previous post a few months back….we want children…more than anything. We were watching our friends adorable child (he is 3 and a half months by the way…yes THAT IS a lot of hair). He insisted that he change his diaper and feed him….seeing this…how amazing of a man he is and what an even more amazing father he will be….made me want one more than ever. Our first born (the furbaby in the picture) Kikko’s face is PRICELESS! Kikko looks so sad….as if to say ” Oh no….the baby fever has begun!”

I just thought I would give a little update on us…how we still want children…and no…it has not happened yet. BELIEVE ME, you guys (and possibly the entire world) will know when we are pregnant….

Bob Ross Like a Boss

bobrosslikeaboss THIS is what happens when your husband is deployed and you have time on your hands after work and school….you #bobrosslikeaboss . The Joy of Painting has not only helped me sleep better, but it has helped me learn how to relax again. With everything going on in life, it’s  nice to just unwind and take a moment to do something you love to do. For my first painting…it turned out ok, minus the clear point that someone might have peed in my lake….Not too shabby.

Dear Brother

I hope you realize you are worth more than you think you are. You deserve better than what she would have provided you. A woman is not suppose to stay home all day, do nothing, and have you come home to a messy house, with no appreciation to show towards you. I hope you realize that your hard work is noticed and that I am so proud of the man you are striving to be. I am sorry you think you have to work as hard as you are, I tried encouraging you to go back to school, but you didn’t want me to push. Yes, I see your struggle. Yes, it DOES bother me that you and our family are so far from me, that I can’t simple hop in the car at a simple call without having to take leave. I think about you often and what you are doing for the family. I hope that you one day realize that I am working hard to secure the future of the family and it isn’t just for me.

I want you to know that all the hard work you are doing is of your own making, and I a PROUD of you for taking your own route. You wanted to get out of my shadow, and for you the only way to do that was to never do anything like me. So, with that in mind, your life was hard….but you chose that route and I am proud you made it your own. It kills me to see you struggle the way you do, but take pride in knowing that it is making you stronger.

Your words hurt me, calling me selfish. You don’t realize that when you were kicked out of the house I worked three jobs and went to two schools full time just to get the degree I have now. You don’t realize that I struggled buying food at the 99 cents store just to make sure you had shoes, shirts, or anything you might have asked me for. You don’t realize that you were the reason I worked so hard. I wanted to you to have a better life, for us to have a better life. I guess you just didn’t see it that way. I am sorry.

I wish you would realize that I love you more than you will ever know, and despite you saying I never did anything for you, I hope you look back and think just how many times I was there for you. Helping you isn’t “when it’s convenient for me” it’s my duty as your older sister. I do my best with what I have. Didn’t you ever realize that I am just a phone call away? Didn’t you ever realize that the pride you have when it comes to asking for something makes it harder to be there for you?

I hope you learn that your hostility and pride will be the reason you lose out in life. Stop acting as if everyone shit in your coffee every morning. The world doesn’t owe you shit. You have to fight for it in a smart way, not the hard way. Do you remember when all I had to do for you was to get into a full class was to make a phone call? How you were IN for that EMT class….but you never showed up. Getting that call from the professor I pulled strings with to get you in….and you didn’t show up. Instead you decide to drop out, all that potential down the drain. I still have hope that one day you will go back to school.

I hope and pray that you one day are able to let go of whatever it is that is holding you back….AND LIVE. There is not a day that goes by that I don’t think of you and wish you all the happiness in the world. I hope that you are able to read this and not get mad because it is things that need to be said. If you never end up reading this, then that’s fine too. Just know that I love you and whatever happens in life I am honored to be your sisterbro.jpg

Government Hiring Freeze….

So, my husband and I are moving overseas this year. I am currently looking at contracted jobs with the military bases over there and even had an interview request ….BEFORE the Trump administration….Last night I received an email that stated as follows:

Dear Lahaina ,

Thank you for applying for a position with Marine Corps Community Services . Per the Presidential Memorandum regarding the Hiring Freeze that was issued on January 22, 2017, all Federal civilian positions are currently on a hiring freeze. At this time, your application is on hold until further guidance is received from higher headquarters.

We appreciate your patience and understanding during this process.

Is this what this country has come to? Did the Trump administration FREEZE all contracting jobs?!?!ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I do not want to be one of those military wives that stay home…I CANT be military wife that stays home…I would go CRAZY. Nothing wrong with wives that stay home, but my drives and goals in life are not equivalent to me staying home. I can’t go from what I am doing now, to staying home…I would implode.

Positive vibes, prayers, and hugs are welcomed in this trying time. I have six months until we move…hopefully I can either solidify myself somewhere or I just might have to stay….

Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children

How. Could. They!!!!!!!!!! So I am currently reading the series (on the second one) and decide to rent the movie of the first one. HOW DISAPPOINTING!!!!!Not only are the actors sub-par but they didn’t even put in EFFORT! ugh. From the actors to the storyline…It does not even look like they will be making another movie! The second one would be AMAZING as a movie!

Am I the only one upset about this sad excuse of a movie? UGH.

Oh Barnes and Noble How I Love Thee

Oh Barnes and Noble how I love thee!!! Let me count the ways….I swear I can spend ours surrounded by books. OK it is not just B&N but libraries and cafe shops that are hipster enough to have libraries in them!

My “adopted” daughter turned 13 today, and other than taking her to Sephora to buy some make up “officially” (face powder and mascara) my husband and I took her to Barnes and Noble. I love my daughter. She is one of the reasons I want children. The fact that she has her own mother and father but comes to me and my husband and treats us like her parents more than her parents makes us feel special. It will be the hardest thing to do…leave her here with her biological family, but hopefully they let her come during summer! THAT would be so much fun! Evie means so much to us.

Anyway…I digress. So she bought FIVE books. She really is our daughter….more into books than other things. In a world where her imagination runs free and can take her away from the other five children in the house. It’s her refuge. I love the idea that she loves books and I hope she NEVER loses her love for them.