Still not Pregnant

┬áThis is not our child….we were babysitting. If you can remember…from my previous post a few months back….we want children…more than anything. We were watching our friends adorable child (he is 3 and a half months by the way…yes THAT IS a lot of hair). He insisted that he change his diaper and feed him….seeing […]

I want….

Ok, so this post is going to get expose me a little. I joke around with my friends that I’m not ready, ┬áthat I have schooling to do, or the fact that Ali and I are “still young” and we still have places to travel to. Or how I tease and say ” I will […]

Fortune Cookie

So the husband and I had take out tonight since I got home rather late. So sushi/Chinese it was. The sushi was eh but what can you expect on last minute circumstances…anyway I digress. The fortune cookies that happen to come with our sushi were quite interesting. So the hubsters hands me his fortune (see […]