101 Things to Do in Okinawa

The time has come my friends to talk of many things! Of beaches, sea glass, food and historical things! So while the tea is boiling hot! And whether the pigs in Oki have wings…here are the 101 places to visit in Okinawa that I have found on an amazing blog right HEREĀ ! I will update […]

Hubsters: Honey…

Hubsters: Honey, how do you say sugar daddy in Spanish Me: Huh why?! Hubsters: Leche Papi? Papi leche? Me: DID YOU JUST SAY LECHE PAPI?!??!!?*rolling on bed laughing* Hubsters: wait..thats milk….sugar? azucar? Right? Dulce? No, dulce is sweet Me: *still laughing* yeah honey azucar is spanish for sugar Hubsters: Azucar Papi? Papi Azucar? Dulce Papi? […]