If people actually heard him….

We would be in trouble…haha. Oh count on my hubsters to say something that might be interpreted wrong to straying ears. For EXAMPLE! PetCo Me: So its going to get pretty cold here….we might want to get Kikko something to keep her warm H: yeah like those! *points to poofy jackets for dogs* M: Yeah […]

Happily Married Life : Finding a New Home and My Favorite Part…DECORATING!!!

WE DID IT! WE GOT IT! My husband and I are OFFICIALLY leasing an apartment! We are doing it! Living our married life together!  So…for those of you who DONT know, my husband and I moved from our lovely state of California to the midwest. We recently got married on April 1st! (No joke!) and […]

Married Life : Takes Some Getting Use To…

So its 2:16 AM and I am currently laying next to my wonderful husband in a hotel room since we have yet to find an apartment…this married thing takes some time to get use to. I thought it would be easy, I mean they make sleeping in each others arms look SO EASY in movies […]