So… eyes are bad….

*Kikko (my dog) making puking noises* (I am a VERY light sleeper) Me: ALI!!! WAKE UP WAKE UP KIKO IS PUKING!!! Ali: *Jumps out of bed* Huh what?! Me: Hold on Kiko! *Talking to Kiko, and grabbing for glasses* Ali: *turns on light after walking out to grab a roll of paper towels* Me: Where […]

Dreaming of WHO?!?!?

So, I for the past week I have been dreaming about men I have previously dated….oh first before everyone goes ooooo its DATING NOT synonymous for SEX….its weird how culture now a days seem to think dating means sex….where are your values ladies and gents to go thinking that? *Ahem…I digress* Anyway, yes, I have […]

Fine! Then sleep on the floor…

Me: Kiko! Bed time sweets! Here, *places pet bed near the window* sleep here Kiko: *Plops down at foot of our bed* Me: ok….*Picks up bed and places bed in front of her*There you go baby girl, right where you want it Kiko: *doesnt move and looks up* Me: Ok fine…dont get up *plops in […]

Now I Know WHY!

I now know why women are constantly nagging their husbands….ITS BECAUSE THEY DONT LISTEN. i SWEAR its like taking care of a child sometimes….for example: Me: ALLIIIIII!!!!! Hubsters: Yeah babe? Me: WHAT THE HECK?!???! Hubsters: WHAT?!! *runs to closet to see whats wrong* Me: *staring down at the floor* ITS LESS THAN THREE INCHES AWAY […]